Sunday, February 05, 2006

Michael's Way? I think not.

So I'm watching one of those Access Hollywood/Entertainment Tonight/Mindless Crap tabloid TV shows last night. Not by choice, mind you. No, this was the wife's doing. Anyhoo, they are airing some segment about Michael Bolton and make mention of his new album in the works, a cover album of Frank Sinatra songs.

Apparently, this project was all thanks to Michael's "new" love interest, Nicollette Sheridan.

Now I ask you...

What mindless cretin is going to one day think to himself, "Gee...I really want to hear some Sinatra right about now. Why don't I put on
Michael Bolton's version of 'My Way'?"

If you want to listen to Sinatra, listen to Sinatra. If you want to listen to a talentless asshat blasphemously stumble his way through a pop classic from the golden era of music, by all means, put on Michael Bolton.


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