Monday, February 06, 2006

Memo to Stacy: fill the damn bag.

I normally don't write letters of complaint. However, in this case, I thought that justice required it. If I receive a response from the good folks at Stacy's, I'll post it here.

Dear Sir or Madam:

While my wife and I very much enjoyed the "Simply Naked" Pita Chips we purchased from the local Kroger, I am writing to express my extreme displeasure in the quantity of product I discovered upon opening the bag.

Now, such a thing is not new to me. For years, I've been opening bags of Lays or Doritos only to find a sizeable portion of bag that is chipless.

However, I have seen nothing like the vast wasteland that comprised nearly three-fourths (yes, that's 75%) of the Stacy's Pita Chip bag. That's right: seventy-five percent of the bag was empty.

The entire contents of the bag were consumed in under 6 minutes by two people. Yes, the product was delicious, but it would have been nice to have had *more* product to consume at some future date.

Keep up the fine work producing delicious Pita Chips, guys. But please, for all that is good and righteous, could you please fill the bags at least HALF-way?

Thank you.

The Guest Book on Stacy's Pita Chips website is chock full of no-holds-barred adoration for Stacy, her cohort Mark, and their chips. I was amused by Dwayne's comment, however.

Dwayne from WA

Oct 15, 2002

Gee Stacy, I tried your chips on retreat at primal scream therapy and whaddya know - I found myself closer to god! Since my family have tried them, it's cured Billy-Bob of his athlete's foor and my wife can finally pee sitting down once more! Hallelujah! Jesus, they're just chips people!

Dwayne, hopefully you're still out there, fighting the good fight.

They're just chips, people.

But it'd be nice to have a full bag of them.


Blogger DiaGnostic said...

The answer if it would come:
Hey donĀ“t complain when the chips are down. Our employees do not get breaks, so they snack on the job.

10:01 AM  

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